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Unleash Your Smile Potential With Dentist In Honolulu, HI

The team at Honolulu Smile Design is here to help our patients achieve their healthiest, most beautiful smiles possible. We’re known as one of the top dental clinics in Honolulu, Hawaii, because of our dentist’s many years of experience with restorative and cosmetic dentistry, and because our staff is so warm, welcoming and friendly.

Restorative Services

smiling dental patient Our dental clinic in Honolulu Hawaii serves all ages, from the youngest to the oldest members of your family, so you don’t have to drive around to separate appointments at pediatric dentists or orthodontists. As part of your family’s twice-yearly checkups at our dentist office in Honolulu Hawaii, we will clean your teeth, do an exam and possibly take X-rays.

If we find cavities or other issues with your teeth, our dentist remedies the situation with a filling, crown, root canal or other appropriate procedure.

Our dentist is trained in all the latest technology, including using lasers to treat gum disease, cold sores and canker sores.

Cosmetic Dentistry

If your smile is not as bright and beautiful as you wish it was, our dentist can help. We offer teeth whitening services for yellow or stained teeth that is much more powerful than the bleach you can buy over the counter.

Our dentist also places dental implants for patients with missing teeth. A tooth implant is much better solution than a dental bridge and lasts longer, too. Replacement teeth give you your beautiful smile back.

Our dental clinic in Honolulu Hawaii offers porcelain veneers for discolored, misshapen or unusually small teeth. Veneers are also a great solution for widely spaced teeth.

For children, teens and adults with crooked teeth, our dentist office in Honolulu Hawaii recommends Invisalign. The clear aligner trays are much more attractive and comfortable than traditional braces.

Best Dentist Office in Honolulu Hawaii

For the most complete oral care in Honolulu, Hawaii, come to the city’s preferred dental clinic: Honolulu Smile Design.

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Dentistry in Honolulu HI Dr. John Ha and the team at Honolulu Smile Design are pleased to welcome you to our new office.

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We believe every patient deserves a healthy, beautiful smile, and we work hard to make that happen for you. Dr. Ha undergoes extensive continuing education every year so he can treat more complex cases and help even more patients achieve the results they desire.

Our team has been hand-picked to be compassionate, caring, skilled, and experienced, so you're satisfied with every visit from the moment you approach the front desk to the moment you walk out the door, smiling with your dazzling smile. A bond of trust is built right away because we listen carefully to your needs and concerns and work with you to formulate a treatment plan unique to your goals.

We can't wait to meet you!

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