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If you have missing teeth, you know what a big impact it can make on your life. It’s harder to eat certain foods, but arguably it’s your self-confidence that takes the biggest hit. At our dental clinic in Honolulu, Hawaii, we make you feel like your old self again with dental implants. Replacement teeth give you back your smile.

The Embarrassment of Missing TeethInvisalign close up photo

While patients are often missing teeth through no fault of their own, the gaps in their smiles still cause them embarrassment. When you have missing teeth, you may try to hide your smile with your hand. You may try not to laugh or smile in front of others because you are ashamed of how you look. But life doesn’t have to be this way. There is a solution — teeth replacement.

What’s So Great About Dental Implants?

Dental implants are the best solution available today to replace missing teeth. Once you get tooth implants, you will be able to eat any foods you like — there are no restrictions. Your replacement teeth will look and function just like your natural teeth — no one will ever know you have dental implants. They will match your other teeth perfectly.

How Do Dental Implants Work?

patient looking at her teethAs its name suggests, dental implants are different from dental bridges and dentures because they do not merely sit on the gums, they are implanted into your jawbone.

If you have had missing teeth for years, your jawbone may have atrophied in these spots, making it difficult to place a tooth implant. If this is the case, our dentist will perform a bone graft before starting the implant procedure to shore up and strengthen your jawbone.

Next, our dentist implants a titanium post into your jaw. At this point, you must wait at least a few months for the bone to grow around the post and form a strong foundation for your new tooth. Once this stage is complete, the dentist attaches the abutment and the crown, and you’re ready to look in the mirror at your beautiful new smile!

How Do You Care for Dental Implants?dental patient happy with her dental implants

Dental implants require no special care — brush and floss your tooth implants just as you do your natural teeth. You should, however, avoid chewing on objects such as pencils or ice, but you should also do this with your natural teeth.

Dental implants will last many years — much longer than dental bridges or dentures — so they are a long-term, cost-effective solution.

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